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Burger in Barcelona

The best hamburgers in Barcelona, you’ll find them here. Our philosophy is simple, working with products and ingredients of the best quality, not altering them, cooked in a traditional way with a good charcoal grill without rush

Hamburguesa National Burger

Black Angus hamburgers

Our recipe is simple and traditional, with the right combination of ingredients

carnes a la brasa del National Burger

Quality meat

We have a maximum dry refrigeration for 21 days, without cutting the fat. This translates into great softness and enhances the flavor.


Quality Service

Attentive and fast service, whether you pass in a hurry or want to enjoy a whole occasion among family and friends.

Reserva en el National Burger

Online reservation

Do you want to reserve a table? You can now make your reservation and not run out of room

‘Steakhouse in Barcelona’

The restaurant

Our schedules are continuous and you can enjoy our food from noon to one in the morning every day of the year.

Best Steak House Barcelona cambia de nombre, en National Burger encontrarás las mejores hamburgues en Barcelona

Best Steak House Barcelona changes its name, in National Burger you will find the best hamburgers in Barcelona

American restaurant Barcelona in carrer nou de la Rambla. Try our  hamburger black Angus

Una hamburgueseria americana situada en Barcelona. Podrás encontrar las mejores hamburguesas de barcelona. Nuestro servicio es atento y rapido en un ambiente agradable y tradicional.  La elaboración de nuestra mejores hamburguesas es con una buena calidad. Contamos con una refrigeración máxima en seco por 21 días, sin cortar la grasa

National Burger Barcelona


The best environment to enjoy our dishes

Carnes National Burger Barcelona


The objective of our decoration, in addition to eating well, enjoy a truly unique and different experience.

Hamburguesas National Burger en Barcelona


Enjoy a whole occasion among family and friends.

National burger


We can recommend the best dish, but ask for it as you like

SteakHouse Barcelona


The details in the decoration matter, as the opinion of our clients



It stays in dry rest for 21 to 28 days to achieve a smooth consistency and intensify its flavor

Online reservation

We want you to have an experience of a traditional American casual grill with an amazing meal, in a relaxed atmosphere and attentive and fast service. Make your reservation online and do not run out of site.

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