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El Raval Restaurant in Barcelona

The Raval district has always been one of the most scoundrel and even controversial places in Barcelona. Formerly (during the 50s, 60s and 70s) it was informally known as Chinatown. The Raval district has always been known for its nightlife of music clubs, cabarets and refuge for inhabitants with few resources or immigrants recently arrived in the city. Recently the Raval has undergone important changes that introduce it into the culture and life of the city of Barcelona, in an effort on the part of the city council and much of the neighbors so that the Raval ceases to be a marginal neighborhood and becomes a neuralgic point at the level of leisure and new trends in the city of Barcelona. An example of this has been, in recent years, the opening of several faculties of the University of Barcelona in the neighbourhood (Philosophy, History…), the transfer of the headquarters of the CCCB to the centre of the neighbourhood and the opening of the new headquarters of the Filmoteca de Catalunya a few metres from the Rambla del Raval. From National Burger Bar we recommend that you visit the Raval and get impregnated with its mixture of culture, leisure, history and colour given to it by the neighbours of different origins who live there.

A burger to regain strength

El Raval offers a varied gastronomic offer for all tastes. You can find all kinds of restaurants in the Raval, from shops specializing in Arabic food, Mexican tascas, small local Galician and Spanish food, pizzerias … If what you are looking for is a hamburger in the purest American style National Burger Bar is the perfect restaurant to savor the sandwich par excellence: an authentic burger cooked with the best quality meat and a wide assortment of dishes to share that will delight you and your friends.

Best quality meats in Barcelona

National Burger also has a wide and varied menu of meats of the best quality: Argentine sirloin, entrecots, entrails, entrecots and black angus sirloins and artisan sausages prepared with pork of the best quality. If you are a meat enthusiast, visit the National Burger Bar during your visit to the Raval or your walk along the Ramblas.

In the Raval, near Ramblas

National Burger Bar is located in the district of Raval although a few meters from La Rambla, the most famous avenue in Barcelona and one of the most famous streets in Europe. In fact, the Rambla acts as a border between the districts of Raval and Gothic, two of the districts of the so-called “Old City” – or Ciutat Vella in Catalan – of Barcelona.